Welcome to Gorrilla Blue Camp Kennels. It's 2014 things is looking very good for our new breeding program.The top studs that we are going to be using this year for our camp is: Dax, Miagi, Bullseye, P-Nutt, Prettyboy, Marcello and Lil Sinner. Those males that i just named will be the foundation dogs to our Micro, Pocket, and Standard American Bully's. Bathtub and Fatboy will be the studs to our Classic and XXL American Pitbulls, we looking to put out some high quality dogs, it's your choice wheather  you want  Pocket American bullies or XXL American Pitbulls we are going to have them, i been breeding now for about 18 years. I love what the Top breeders are doing with the new and old look of the breed. I'm a breeder i use Gottyline dogs and Razor Edge dogs for my program if i think a certain dog can improve my dogs i'm going to use him wheather he's Gotty or Edge even if the studs owner is a peice of crap i will still use his dog if i think he will improve my yard. It's All About The Dog. Now i been studying the genetics of some of the top dog's in the show Pitbull and the American Bully Bloodlines, and now i realize what it's going to take to produce some phenomenal dogs. I'm breeding for correct bone structure, massive bodies that"s ripped up with muscles, Huge Heads, Fat Cheeks with Nice Muzzles. We at Gorrilla Blue Camp Kennels are going to be producing Extra Large, Standard, Pocket and Mirco Bully's that going to be very athletic with out any breathing problems. We take pride in our dogs, you will receive a contract stating what we cover an honor with the purchase of our pups. Our Dogs Are Not Sold For Any Illegal Purposes They Are Not Fighting Dogs. We are Locate in Houston Tx. I love the breed "Bully Pitbulls" and "American Bullies". All of our dogs are registered with UKC, ABKC or EBKC. Tour The Site and follow us on Facebook Gorillabluecampkennels   We are now Taking Deposits

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